What Was That All About?: 20 Years Of Strips And Stories

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What Was That All About? looks back at the 20-year whirlwind life of the Duncan family, the inhabitants of the popular, modern family cartoon Zits.

What Was That All About? is the perfect celebration of Zits' twentieth anniversary! Always spot-on, sometimes chaotic, and often messy comic moments are immortalized by the true-to-life give and take between Jeremy and his often befuddled parents.

Authors Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman have sifted through the highlights (and some lowlights!) over the life of the strip and have created a unique behind-the-scenes, insightful view into the history of Zits. They have selected their all-time favorite cartoons to fill the collection along with special features, including stories about:

- How they met in Sedona, Arizona, and came up with the crazy idea of creating Zits

- The teenagers in their own lives

- Choosing the title Zits

- Strips that newspapers declined to publish, or words they censored, etc.

- Creating a Zits Sunday strip

- Sucks, bites, and blows: staking out territory on the comic page

- Fish paste and other reasons our kids don't want to travel with us anymore

Excerpts from their sketchbooks will also be shown.

This is the book every fan of Zits has ever wanted!

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ISBN 9781449486747
Categories Fiction, Graphic Novels and Comics
Author(s) Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman
Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pages 255
Format Hardback
Dimensions 27.9cm x 2.1cm x 21cm
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