Ultimate Expeditions Deep Sea Diver

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The vast oceans covering the planet promise both beauty and peril for adventurers looking to explore their depths. Experience the tales of 1920s marine biologist Warren Wilmott, just returned from his six-week trip conducting field research in treacherous waters, as he provides a glimpse into the watery world of gray reef sharks, sea wasps, saltwater crocodiles, and more. Complete with illustrations, maps, photos, and facts, Ultimate Expeditions: Deep Sea Diver is the perfect companion for the aspiring explorer. Each of the eight animal profiles comes with assembly instructions and materials to make your own 3-D model.

Product Overview
ISBN 9780760360385
Categories Children's Books, Children's Reference, New Arrivals
Author(s) Phyllis Perry
Publisher Becker&Mayer! Books
Pages 36
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 28.6cm x 1.7cm x 24.8cm
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