The Spotter's Guide To Urban Engineering

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An illustrated field guide to the technology that keeps our cities and towns working.
The Spotter's Guide to Urban Engineering is a useful identification tool to the mysteries of how our cities are built and work.
Each spread identifies an example of urban engineering and describes what it is, how it works and why it is there. Annotated diagrams explain the technology, and location maps indicate noteworthy real-world examples. Most importantly for spotters, the book gives advice on how to identify these features and tips on where to spot them.
The book covers the main areas of engineering infrastructure. Concise descriptions begin with a brief introduction, a timeline tracing that area's development and a synopsis of facts and figures. More than 300 illustrations and a durable flexibound format allow for easy reference in the field.
The book covers:
Managing raw materials, including mining, agriculture, waterworks and manufacturing Making power, including electricity grids, oil and gas extraction and distribution, and renewable energy Transport, including highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, canals and aviation Communications, including telephone, radio, television, satellites and digital technology Waste, including sewers, industrial and residential waste management, recycling.
The Spotter's Guide to Urban Engineering provides lay readers with a fascinating introduction to the technology that underpins modern life. Those contemplating a career in civil engineering will find the book of particular interest.

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