The Greed (The Cruelty, Bk. 2)

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For Gwendolyn Bloom, survival isn't enough.On the run and exhausted by life in the shadows, Gwendolyn launches herself on a global quest to seize control of a dead criminal mastermind's lost fortune. With the help of Terrance Mutai, her friend from New York and one of the only people she trusts, she dives headlong into a world of money, espionage, and betrayal.But with enemies closing in around her, can she trust anyone? Even herself?

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ISBN 9781250108203
Categories Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Bergstrom, Scott
Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Pages 403
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 24.3cm x 3.5cm x 16.5cm
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