The Confidence Factor

If you don't have confidence within yourself, why would anyone else have confidence in you?

A lack of self confidence can affect anybody, whether you're the director of a company or a student at university, you can be taken advantage of, passed over for promotion without achieving your potential. When you have self-esteem, assertiveness and confidence you stand up for yourself, you know what you want and go for it. You are the best you can be.

Annie Ashdown, Harley Street Master Hypnotherapist and Confidence Coach, had no confidence for many years, but gradually developed the 7 secrets to self-confidence which transformed her life. Packed with insightful advice, top tricks and tips from successful people and practical techniques, The Confidence Factor reveals the secrets for gaining confidence, explains what is confidence and how to be confident, discover:

Accessible advice and practical tips on gaining self-confidence
Straightforward techniques that have immediate effect
The confidence tricks high-profile successful people use
The seven traits of self-confident people

The Confidence Factor will explain the 7 simple steps to getting confident and mastering your emotions so you can feel strong whatever life throws at you.

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ISBN 9781780591674
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Author(s) Annie Ashdown
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Pages 256
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