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Coffin-stealing, boat-burning, telling lies - Carla's crazy plan includes them all. To make Grandpa's secret dream come true, she's going to break the law and every rule she's ever known. But he'll get his dying wish - a real Viking funeral. SPARKS is a dark, funny and moving story about love, death and sailing from a very popular, original and award-winning children's writer. Ally Kennen is the acclaimed author of teen novels BEAST, BERSERK and BEDLAM. SPARKS is her first book for readers of 9 and up

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ISBN 9781407111087
Categories Children's Books, New Arrivals, Reading Books
Author(s) Ally Kennen
Publisher Scholastic
Pages 203
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.9cm x 1.9cm x 13.2cm
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