Searching For Sky

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River means everything to Sky. They have lived alone together on Island for as long as they can remember. The two of them hunt for food, wash in Falls and curl up together in Shelter. Their life is simple and safe. Until River sees a boat . . .

Across Ocean is California, a place where nothing makes sense to Sky. She is separated from River and taken to live with a grandmother she doesn't know. Lost and heartbroken, Sky searches for him so they can return to Island, only to find out that their paradise wasn't as perfect as she thought, and everything she's ever known and loved may have been a lie.

A gripping and beautifully told story of love and survival in a hostile world - ours.

Product Overview
ISBN 9781408846643
Categories Fiction, Romance
Author(s) Jillian Cantor
Publisher Bloomsbury
Pages 275
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.8cm x 1.9cm x 12.9cm
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