Salt: A Story Of Friendship In A Time Of War

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Anikwa and James, twelve years old in 1812, spend their days fishing, trapping, and exploring together in the forests of the Indiana Territory. To Anikwa and his family, members of the Miami tribe, this land has been home for centuries. As traders, James's family has ties to the Miami community as well as to the American soldiers in the fort. Now tensions are rising--the British and American armies prepare to meet at Fort Wayne for a crucial battle, and Native Americans from surrounding tribes gather in Kekionga to protect their homeland. After trading stops and precious commodities, like salt, are withheld, the fort comes under siege, and war ravages the land. James and Anikwa, like everyone around them, must decide where their deepest loyalties lie. Can their families--and their friendship--survive?

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ISBN 9781250062895
Categories Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Helen Frost
Publisher Square Fish
Pages 128
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.3cm x 1.5cm x 13cm
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