Pegasus And The Rise Of The Titans

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Join Emily and Pegasus as the legend continues in a new epic adventure ...

The ancient rivalry between the Olympians and the Titans, thought long over, is rekindled - but this time the Titans have a secret weapon that can rival the power of the Flame of Olympus. The balance of power is tipped in Saturn's favour now that he has found his own Flame of Titus. Jupiter's Olympus will finally be in his grasp!

Caught in the middle of this ancient power struggle, Emily and Pegasus must head to the Diamond Head volcano in Hawaii to track down the one thing that can save Olympus ... before the Titans get there first.

Fans of Percy Jackson won't want to miss the Pegasus series by Kate O'Hearn.

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ISBN 9781444922387
Categories Fiction, Group 1, New Arrivals, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Kate O'Hearn
Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Pages 352
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.8cm x 3.1cm x 13.2cm
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