Lawyer For The Dog

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For fans of Marley and Me and Katie Fforde's Paradise Fields, Lawyer for the Dog is Lee Robinson's charming, moving and funny debut novel. Attorney Sally Baynard is baffled when Joe, her judge ex-husband, appoints her to represent the interests of a pet dog - Sherman, a miniature schnauzer - in a divorce case. As Sally begins to investigate, she discovers the battle for Sherman masks a whole host of problems between Rusty and Maryann Hart. The more she discovers, the more Sally starts to realise the dog is the least of their worries. But is Joe's request all that it appears? And as Sally delves deeper into the family's love of their canine best friend, might Sherman prove to have a nose for love?

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ISBN 9781785770265
Categories Contemporary Fiction, Fiction
Author(s) Lee Robinson
Publisher Twenty 7 Books
Pages 230
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.6cm x 1.1cm x 12.8cm
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