Gracie Grabbit And The Tiger Gift Edition

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Gracie Grabbit is going to the zoo with her dad, but she has one
problem - her dad's a cheeky robber! She needs to stop him spoiling
her day, but how? Luckily, a friendly tiger is on hand to help
out - with lots of fun and mix-ups along the way.

Painted in Helen's much-loved retro style, and introducing a brand
new cast of characters, GRACIE GRABBIT AND THE TIGER is the exciting
new picture book from award-winning author/illustrator Helen

Product Overview
ISBN 9781407178912
Categories Board Books, Children's Books
Author(s) Helen Stephens
Publisher Alison Green Books
Pages 32
Format Board book
Dimensions 17.2cm x 2.3cm x 19.2cm
Weight 0.59 kg