For This Life Only

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Three minutes.Jacob Palmer died for three life-changing minutes.And when he woke up, nothing was the same. Elijah, his twin brother, is dead, and his family is broken. Jace’s planned future is crushed, along with his pitching arm. Everyone keeps telling him that Eli’s in a better place, but Jace isn’t so sure. Because in those three minutes, there was nothing.Overwhelmed by guilt and doubt, Jace struggles to adjust to this new version of the world, one without his brother, one without the certainties he once relied on. And then Thera comes into his life.She’s the last girl he should be turning to for help.But she’s also the first person to truly see him.

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ISBN 9781481432498
Categories Fiction, Teenage / Young Adult
Author(s) Kade, Stacey
Publisher Simon & Schuster
Pages 307
Format Paperback
Dimensions 21.2cm x 2.4cm x 13.9cm
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