Fantasy Masterworks: Song Of Kali

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Calcutta, a monstrous city of immense slums, disease and misery, is clasped in the foetid embrace of an ancient cult. At its decaying core is the Goddess Kali: the dark mother of pain, four-armed and eternal, her song the sound of death and destruction. Robert Luczak has been hired by a New York magazine to find a noted Indian poet who has reappeared, under strange circumstances, years after he was thought dead. But nothing is simple in Calcutta, and before long Luczak's routine assignment turns into a nightmare ... it is rumoured that the poet has been brought back to life, in a bloody and grisly ceremony of human sacrifice.

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ISBN 9780575083073
Categories Fantasy and Science Fiction, Fiction
Author(s) Simmons, Dan
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Pages 288
Format Paperback
Dimensions 19.6cm x 2.6cm x 12.8cm
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