Disney Princess Palace Pets Art Studio

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Learn to draw and paint the Disney Princess Palace Pets! You'll love drawing and painting these 19 adorable Palace Pets adopted by the Disney Princesses. The detailed, 128-page project book will teaech you how to illustrate them like a professional, then use the included 3 watercolor paints, 2 paintbrushes, palette, drawing pencil, 7 colored pencils, fine-line marker, kneaded eraser, and sharpener to bring them into full color. Once you've mastered the techniques, create beautiful artwork for children's parties and fun surprises for your loved ones' lunchboxes, or just draw them to relax and have an adorable piece of art to show off! Ponies, bunnies, birds, and even wildlife pets join the playful puppies and kittens loved by the Disney Princesses. You'll love them, too! Get started now and let your imagination run wild.

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ISBN 9781626865402
Categories Activity Books, Bestseller, Children's Books
Author(s) Thunder Bay Press
Publisher Thunder Bay Press
Pages 128
Format Paperback
Dimensions 24.4cm x 5.8cm x 24.4cm
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