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So you liked Irvine Welsh? Read Carnivore' Cosmopolitan. Meet Leander: lover, fighter, liar. He learnt a long time ago that nothing is as intoxicating as blood. But whether it's his or someone else's doesn't matter any more. There's a mysterious pain in every muscle of his body - and it's got so bad that he'll do anything to escape it. Up to now, it's been his secret. But it's hard to remain invisible when you leave a trail of destruction everywhere you go. So, when he comes to the attention of one of London's most infamous criminals, Leander decides to put his appetite for violence to the ultimate test. Let the villain win.

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ISBN 9780008232573
Categories Crime, Fiction, Mystery and Thriller
Author(s) Lyon, Jonathan
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
Pages 306
Format Hardback
Dimensions 24cm x 3cm x 15.9cm
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