Asian Lives: A Closer Look

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In 2011, adhering to his mentor Henri Cartier-Bresson's mantra to `photograph the truth', animation filmmaker Ishu Patel embarks on a photographic journey in southeast Asia. Abandoning moving images to secure a series of still images that capture a uniquely human gesture or powerful thought-provoking story, he prowls both urban and rural areas armed only with a Leica M9 with 35 and 50mm fast lenses. The result is a collection of elusive still images - photographs, mainly in black and white, that tell a story, seize a moment in life or are a witness to joy, struggle or human dignity. Never political or judgmental, the collection comprises Patel's homage to the unsung lives of ordinary Asians, many of whom are increasingly overlooked in today's fast- changing world. Patel also contributes thoughtful essays on the various countries and peoples he has so powerfully photographed.

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ISBN 9780500519240
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Author(s) Ishu Patel
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Pages 192
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